Cancer update, I have some news.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Hellooo my beauties! 

So, I uploaded a blog post a few months ago now, updating people people on how my cancer journey was going. 
When I wrote that post, I said that last year I had been in intensive care a couple of times with Neutropenic Sepsis, I was very very unwell both times. The chemotherapy that I was on was way too strong for my body and my kidneys. My kidneys are very weak as it is and the chemo was just making me a whole lot worse. If you want to know what I updated you on in this post, then you can read that here: 

So basically, I'm writing this post because there is something else that I need to update you on. I have kept something to myself and between my family and close friends for a good few months now. 

In February, I got some bad news. I know a lot of you know that, but you don't know specifically what has happened. 

Mothers Day, 2016 - Dear Mum

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Hey guys,

This weeks blog post I thought would be an absolutely lovely idea to do for Mother's Day!

Mothers Day or 'Mothering Sunday' is celebrated on different days of the year in various parts of the world. It is a day of the year where Mothers are shown how much they are loved and appreciated by their children. The same with Mother figures such as Grandmothers, Step Mothers and Mothers-In-Law. Many people make the effort to make sure that their Mother figures doesn't need to do anything and are pampered & looked after on Mother's Day. 

If they no longer live with their Mum, many people make the special effort to visit their Mother with a card, gift and may even treat her to a meal. People that have sadly had their Mum/Mother figure pass away, they will fondly remember them on Mother's Day and may even visit the cemetery to lay flowers and a card.
Usual Mother's Day gifts are chocolates, flowers, jewellery, a meal out etc. 

Valentines Day with T.H.Baker!

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Hey guys,

Firstly, I would just like to apologise for not uploading a blog post for the last couple of weeks. As most of you will know, I was very seriously unwell in hospital and couldn't even keep my eyes open so I obviously couldn't upload blog posts. Since then I've been trying to recover with still being a little unwell but I wanted to get this post up for you all with Valentines Day looming this week! 

So it's around that time of year where Husbands and Wives, Girlfriends and Boyfriends, Boyfriends and Boyfriends & Girlfriends and Girlfriends show each other more love, effection and attention than any other time of the year. People often send and exchange cards and flowers etc (sometimes anonymously) to somebody that they are attracted to or in romantically involved with as well.

Inspirational Quotes For 2016!

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Hey my lovely readers! 

I hope you're all well and having the best 2016 so far!

We're all going to be wanting to do different things this year, wanting to achieve different personal goals or set out to achieve our different dreams. For this weeks post I wanted to make you all think about YOUR 2016. So in this blog post I'm going to tell you some of MY favourite inspirational quotes that I am aiming to live by in 2016 and put into place. Maybe you could do the same? 

As you guys may know, I absolutely love a good quote! I've been looking at quotes recently so I wanted to share my top 10 favourites with you to take us forward into 2016 and inspire us as much as they possibly can. 

We are all prone to sitting and allowing our minds to carry us away with our own thoughts. Also, when you wake up feeling unwell, uninspired with no motivation to do the things that YOU want to do, live the way that you want too or to be positive, sometimes I have found that taking the time to sit and read through some quotes can be just what you need to change the way that you are, the way that you think or just to make you feel better in yourself about things that you may be going through at the time. 

The Most Magical Christmas Eve!

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Hey guys!

Firstly, this is going to be a bit of a different blog post today. Normally I write blog posts about things such as my cancer story, positivity and negativity, friendships, fears related to hospitals etc etc. But today, I’m going to write a blog post about somebody that I met in September and an amazing day that I experienced on Christmas Eve. This is an extremely special blog post... Its for Verena, and her daughter Jennie.                                                              
                                                Jennie and her Mum, Verena
In September, I was in hospital and I had just been moved to a ward after coming out of Intensive care. I was in a two bed bay part of the ward with an older lady and she introduced herself right away even though she had visitors which I thought was lovely of her. She had her daughter there with her and a couple of her friends. After they had all left, we started speaking about why she was in hospital and her story from her past. We spoke for ages about herself then we spoke about my story too. To sum it up, this incredible ladies name is/was Verena Smith. 7 years ago, Verena was diagnosed with cancer of the Oesophagus. She had surgery to remove her Oesophagus and went into remission soon after. Unfortunately she relapsed this summer and was diagnosed with cancer again, this time it came back in her lungs. She also had blood clots in both lungs so she was on oxygen all of the time. 
Whilst myself and Verena were in hospital I had the pleasure of meeting her daughters Jennie and Wendy. I met them both a few times, and kept in contact with Jennie throughout our time in hospital via text so that I could keep her updated on how her mum was as she was often in London rehearsing for an upcoming Musical that she was going to be performing in! 


Thursday, 31 December 2015

Hello, again... To my favourite readers! 

So, the end of 2015 is upon us and I just wanted to write this Thursday's blog post about this year to be honest!

I came into 2015 having beaten cancer just a few months before for the second time after undergoing such a hard year for myself and my family. I started chemotherapy again, had an 11 hour operation then wasn't even woken up until the next day just to make sure that I was stable. I then had a stem cell harvest ready for my stem cell transplant, then had to go through an incredibly intense and strong round of chemotherapy so that it would wipe out all of my cells ready for the new healthy ones. After that came the hardest 6 and a half weeks of my 2014. I was unbelievably ill and struggled a hell of a lot. There were many times where I wanted to just give it all up and go home but deep down I knew that to get better, I had to see this gruelling time through until the end. I had my transplant over two days because I collected so many cells when I had my stem cell harvest. It was absolute agony and I was so glad when those two days were over. I never had to do it again and I was so glad about that.

Update/Chatty Post

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Happy Thursday, guys!

I hope that you're all well and that you're all having a good week so far.
I also hope that you all liked last week's blog post and that the breathing exercises etc helped any of you that suffer with a fear of hospitals or if you struggle with anxiety and panic attacks. The breathing exercises especially, really help me!

I haven't been well at all this week and have been in hospital over yesterday and today so because of that I haven't been able to prepare one of my usual blog posts as I just haven't felt well enough at all. So, this weeks blog post is going to be different to all of the other posts that I've done. I'm going to do a chatty kind of post, I will let you know briefly how I've been over the last few months and I also have a couple of topics to speak to you all about, too!

The last time I updated you on my blog about my health right now was when I wrote my 'The Second Part Of My Cancer Journey' post back on the 15th of October and I said that I had just finished day four of my second cycle of chemotherapy. I went on to finish that cycle, but unfortunately just a few days later I ended up back in intensive care and I wasn't well at all. I had an awful chest infection, throat infection, fluid on my lung, my kidneys were (and still are) struggling and leaking, then my blood pressure was way too low, heart rate was dangerously high and my temperature kept being too high. So its safe to say that I wasn't well at all. I was in hospital for 10 days in all.
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